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Pet Spaying in Galena, OH

Keep your furry friend healthy with the services from Big Walnut Animal Care Center. At our veterinary clinic, we perform a series of services for pet spaying in Galena, Ohio. Each of our experienced veterinarians knows the correct way to perform pet neutering and spaying for all breeds. With our services, you'll keep your beloved companion safe while reducing the risk of pet overpopulation. Turn to our animal hospital today to schedule your visit with us to learn more.

The Importance of Pet Neutering & Spaying

Even if you have an indoor cat or dog, it is important to complete your dog spaying or neutering. These services not only reduce pet overpopulation issues, but they lower the risk of a number of life-threatening diseases, including certain cancers.

What do these procedures involve? Spaying is the removal of the uterus and ovaries of your female cat or dog. Neutering is the removal of your male dog or cat's testicles. Completing these procedures helps cut down on negative behaviors, including aggression, marking, and roaming away from home. Additional benefits include the following:

  • Less Desire to Roam
  • Reduced Risk of Tumors & Cancers
  • Low Risk of Spraying & Marking
  • Low Risk of Aggressive Behavior
  • No Heat Cycles

Cat in Galena, OH

Performing Your Dog Spaying or Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pet is an important step to take to preserve the health and happiness of your companion. No matter how young or old your critter is, these procedures will increase his or her chance at a long and healthy life.

When you bring your furry friend to us for a pet spaying, you can trust that he or she is in our safe hands. We offer the top treatments and care for each of our pet patients. Our pet surgery is fast and effective, and most patients are out and able to start recovery just a few hours.

Recovery from a Dog or Cat Spaying

After the procedure, you will not have to wait long for your pet to get back to his or her normal behavior. Most pets are fully healed within about a week or so. We will outfit your cat or dog with a protective cone to ensure that he or she does not chew at the stitches. Our team is happy to provide you with the right information to make your pet as comfortable as possible during recovery.

Contact us today to discover the benefits of a pet spaying or neutering. Our pet neutering services are available throughout Columbus, located in Galena and serving Westerville, Africa, Sunbury, Johnstown, and Worthington, Ohio.

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