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Pet Teeth Cleaning in Galena, OH

Let Fido show off his pearly whites with the services from Big Walnut Animal Care Center. When your furry friend needs a pet teeth cleaning in Galena, Ohio, we are here to help. Our pet dentist is available to provide your dogs and cats with the best health possible. Contact us today to schedule your cat or dog teeth cleaning.

Important Services from Our Pet Dentist

Many studies show that as many as 75% of all dogs and cats show signs of periodontal disease before the age of 3. Just as their owners do, cats and dogs require regular dental assessments, cleanings, and other services. For the very best for your beloved family member, let our pet dentist provide you with the right dental care services.

No matter what breed you own, the most effective preventative care procedure is pet teeth cleaning. In many cases, a pet will lose his or her teeth and show signs of pain only when a tooth is infected beyond repair. By staying on top of dental care, you'll keep your beloved friend's teeth clean, strong, and healthy. Work with our team today for your pet treatments.

Veterinarian and Cat in Galena, OH

The Benefits of Cat & Dog Teeth Cleaning

Does Fido or Fluffy have terrible breath? Many pet owners don't realize that their dog or cat's breath can be a good indicator of dental health. If you notice that your pet's breath is starting to get worse, this can be a sign of too much bacteria, plaque, or build-up on the teeth. With a pet teeth cleaning from animal hospital, you'll love snuggling with your furry friend again. Our services offer the following benefits for pets of all ages:

  • Preventing the Pain of Dental Disease
  • Limiting the Spread of Bacteria from the Mouth to the Body
  • Decreasing the Risk of Other Health Problems
  • Increasing Lifespan
  • Preventing Gum & Teeth Disease
  • Eliminating Hard Tarter under the Gum Line

Completing your Dog or Cat Teeth Cleaning

Pets hate going to the veterinarian, and most animals hate having their mouths touched. While you can try to perform a dog or cat teeth cleaning on your own, it is better to turn to a professional to avoid bites or scratches. Our pet dentist offers anesthesia or sedation if needed for your pets. We take care of all plaque buildup and leave your friend's teeth sparkling clean.

Contact our staff to schedule your next pet teeth cleaning for your furry friend. Our pet dentist offers services throughout Columbus, located in Galena and serving Westerville, Africa, Sunbury, Johnstown, and Worthington, Ohio.

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