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Cat Declawing in Galena, OH

Is Fluffy doing more damage than usual at your home? When the scratching and yanking is getting to be too much, Big Walnut Animal Care Center has the right solution to the problem. Our service for pet declawing in Galena, Ohio, is a pain-free way to combat this common issue for pet owners. Turn to our veterinarians today to learn more about our cat declawing methods and schedule an appointment for your pet at our animal hospital.

Fluffy Cat in Galena, OH

Benefits of Cat Declawing

Scratching or yanking at objects is a natural behavior and common for cats. This action is instinctive in order to allow for new nail tissue growth and to remove dead nail fragments. Unfortunately, this action can also be detrimental to your carpet, furniture, doors, and your home in general.

What can be done to prevent further destruction to your home? While cats will always try to scratch, there is a method that can help. With a cat or kitten declawing, you will take away your pet's ability to destroy furniture and other parts of your space. In some situations, such as a tumor or severe claw damage, performing cat declawing is important for medical reasons.

The Benefits of Laser Kitten Declawing

No pet owner wants to see an animal go through pain and discomfort. Recently, laser declawing has grown in popularity. At our clinic, we utilize laser surgery, which reduces pain and swelling and minimizes bleeding. It also reduces the chance of infection and promotes a more speedy recovery with less post-operative pain. For these very important reasons, our patients and their owners prefer this type of process.

Cat declawing can be implemented at any age, but the younger the feline, the shorter the recovery time. Our veterinary surgeon is available to perform this procedure at almost any age. Turn to us today to learn more about your options and bring your pet in for a consultation.

Recovery Times after Pet Declawing

How long can you expect your furry friend to recover? Declawing is an irreversible procedure and occurs while the patient is under general anesthesia. After the procedure, most cats return to their normal routine in no time. While they will be back to scratching, they will not be able to cause any damage to your home after undergoing a pet declawing.

Contact our facility to meet with us for your pet declawing consultation. We offer cat declawing services for felines of all ages throughout Columbus, located in Galena and serving Westerville, Africa, Sunbury, Johnstown, and Worthington, Ohio.

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